Complex projects demand close collaboration with all team members at all times. However, in an international, mobile environment, working from a single physical location is virtually impossible. Harness the power of Office 365 apps and other best of breed technology to effectively manage your project with your own virtual, omnipresent War Room 365®

Why have a War Room 365®?

Coordination & Communication

Stay Connected

War Room 365®️ keeps everyone aware of the plan at all times. Schedule and hold team meetings, daily Stand Ups, status updates and workshops, regardless of physical location. Post discussions on online forums and keep your to do list up on a virtual Scrum board.

Productivity Multiplier

Min Effort, Max Output

Share project documents and other collateral across the team. Automate mundane tasks like keeping meeting minutes and sending task reminders in War Room 365®️ apps. Boost morale with social media and gamification tools.  

Quality & Version Control

Maintain High Standards

Keep data up-to-date and track provenance. Maintain audit trails and protect sensitive data from unauthorised access. What goes on in War Room 365®️, stays in War Room 365® - that is, until you are ready to Deploy!

What's in a War Room 365®?

Social Network

Keep your team engaged, informed and motivated with Social Network and gamification tools

How can we help?

Discover & Design

We will design your War Room 365® according to your needs. We recommend the best tools to achieve your objectives.

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